Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901   (662) 226-2490

Rev. John O. Brock, Pastor



Father Brock was admitted to St. Dominic Hospital Friday (10/3)

601-200-2000  Rm. 4624       969 Lakeland Drive   Jackson, MS 39216

October 5, 2003                          27th Sunday in Ordinary Time


NO Masses for the week of October 6 – 10  

Saturday   6:00 pm   St. Peter’s (Grenada)  Catholic Community            

Sunday     9:00 am    St. Peter’s (Grenada)   Catholic Community

Sunday  11:15 am    St. John’s (Charleston)  Catholic Community


Altar Society--We are trying to resurrect the Altar Society.  The first meeting will be   Wednesday, October 29, 2003, at 6:30 PM.  This organization and its works are very important to the Parish.  Please place this date on your calendar and make an effort to attend



Sacrament of Reconciliation - Saturday 5:30 - 5:45 p.m. and by appointment.


Bulletin -The deadline for announcements for the Bulletin will be on Thursday at noon. Please contact Michael Liberto at  226-7936 or email  to be put on the email info/bulletin list.

Liturgical Appointments:                      Sat. 10/11  p.m.                                          Sun. 10/12   9 a.m.

Lector                                                  Gerry Morris                                         Becky Woods                                Extraordinary Ministers                        Communion Service                             Communion Service                                                  Altar Servers                                        Needed                                                Ellen Thomas and Beth Logan                                                 Cross Bearer                                        Needed                                                CYO                                                     Gift Bearers                                                Needed                                                Communion Service                                                                                               Greeters                                               Knights of Columbus                             Knights of Columbus


Financial Stewardship - Contributions for the last weekend:


Reg. Offering            $1.888.00

Bldg. Fund               $    480.00

Total Collections      $2,368.00


Please put the amount contributed on the front of your envelope. This will make record keeping simpler and insure you get credit for contributions. Thanks for your cooperation.


Please begin offering your pledged amount if you have not … Mark payment as building fund on your envelope. Thanks.


Seminarians - This week in your prayers, please remember Lenin Vargas, a seminarian studying for our diocese.  He is a student at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA.


The Knights of Columbus are selling  $5 tickets for BBQ plates for Sunday October 12th. Please support this effort. You can purchase tickets from any Knight. Thanks.


 The Knights will be sacking food at the Food Bank , October 8 @ 6 p.m. Extra help welcomed.







Coffee & Donuts HostHost family for Coffee and Donuts is  the Bob and Denise Moody family. Thanks.  More hosts needed.  Please sign up.



Church cleaners for October Donna Walker and Dion Sones. Thanks ladies.



Prayer - Mary and Henry Theis, Mary V. Marascalco, Bess Boone, Meg Young, Mike and Steve Sokas, Shirley & Dick Bailey, Lucille Frenyea , Kathy Marrale, Eddie Merriman, John Wilkerson, Karen Moorman, Ada Strider, Richard Reed, John Jones, James Edwards and Fr. Brock.



Happy Birthday

 Lane Tucker, 10/4; Ben Marascalco, 10/5; Johnny Morrison, 10/10; Lane Bennett, 10/11.

   A Hot Dog Supper will be this Wednesday, from 5:00 to 6:00, in the Parish Hall for the Youth Choir.  All children interested in joining the Youth Choir or participating in special programs, such as plays, etc., are welcome to come and join the fun Wednesday evening. ALL young people between the ages of 5 and 18 interested in joining the Youth Choir need to sign up on the sheet provided at the back of the church. Call Dion Sones at 226-0592 for more information.


  A class will be held for extra ordinary ministers, lectors, cross bearers, and altar servers on Wednesday,  October 8, at 3:30pm. Extra ordinary ministers must be Catholics in good standing with the church and lectors can be young adults and older. Altar servers can be anyone who has received First Holy Communion. Also, those who would like to be refreshed on their training are welcome. The class will last about an hour. For information,   call Gerry Morris at 226-8386. Take an active part in your parish. Mark your calendar!