Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901   (662) 226-2490

Rev.JohnO.Brock, Pastor


Catholic University – 2nd Collection

Next Sunday – Sept. 7




August 31, 2003                          22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Masses for the week of September 1 – 6            Mass Intentions


Saturday               6:00 pm                 St. Peter’s (Grenada)               Catholic Community

Sunday                  9:00 am               St. Peter’s (Grenada)                 Catholic Community

Sunday              11:15 am                 St. John’s (Charleston)             Catholic Community


     Monday               8:00 am            St. Peter’s                      +Leila Brock

     Tuesday              8:00 am            St. Peter’s                      +Leila Brock

     Wednesday         8:00 am            St. Peter’s                      +Maria Panebianco

     Thursday             8:00 am            St. Peter’s                      +Joe Testa

     Friday                  8:00 am            St. Peter’s                      +Marie Marascalco




Sacrament of Reconciliation - Saturday 5:30 - 5:45 p.m. and by appointment.


Bulletin -The deadline for announcements for the Bulletin will be on Thursday at noon.

 Please contact Michael Liberto at 226-7936 or email


Liturgical Appointments:                 Sat. 9/06 6 p.m.                      Sun. 9/07 9 a.m.

Lector                                                                    Gerry Morris                                       CYO

Extraordinary Ministers                    Ed and Rose Merriman                       CYO

Altar Servers                                                       Needed                                                   CYO

Cross Bearer                                                       Needed                                                   CYO

Gift Bearers                                                         Needed                                                   CYO

Greeters                                                                Knights of Columbus                          Knights of Columbus


Financial Stewardship - Contributions for the last weekend:


Reg. Offerings           $1,638.00

Bldg. Fund                 $1,230.00


Total Collections     $2,868.00


Please put the amount contributed on the front of your

 envelope. This will make record keeping simpler and

 insure you get credit for contributions.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Total amount pledged for building fund for the

 next 3 years still yet to collect - $106,315.00

                                Building fund dollars collected to date for this year is $26,240.00




Coffee & Donuts HostHost family for Coffee and Donuts is the Bob & Kim

 Holland family. Thanks.  More hosts needed. Please sign up.


Prayer - Mary and Henry Theis, Mary V. Marascalco, Bess Boone, Meg Young, Mike and Steve Sokas, June Perrin, Dorothy Criddle, and Kathy Marrale.






Seminarians - This week in your prayers, please remember Mario Solarzano, a seminarian studying for our diocese.  He is a student at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA.


Church Cleaners for SeptemberDorothy Marascalco, Mary Cooper, and Marjorie Testa.

Please help out with this vital function of our parish, if you can possibly spare a couple

of hours each week.  Thank you.


Happy Birthday…

    Gail Daigneault, 8/31; Nick Palazzolo, 9/02; Martha Saia, 9/03; David Daigneault, 9/03; David Shiver, 9/06; Maxene Bailey, 9/06; Rebecca Fuller, 9/06;


Parish council meetingsee website for minutes of the last parish council meeting …




CYO  - Catholic Jr. High Fun Day for ages 12 to 14 will be Saturday, Sept. 6 at 10:30

a.m. at The Park on Lakeland Dr. in Jackson. Price is $16 per person.



Registration forms for CCD classes are in the back of the Church. Each family with children signed-up for CCD needs to fill out a form and return it to the church as soon as possible.  CCD classes will begin on Sunday, September 7.  Call Frankie Fortier at 227-9554 for additional information.


                  Bishop’s Cup Golf Tournament, Thursday, Sept. 18th at Colonial Country Club in                                  .                 Jackson. Registration forms are in the back of church. 601-969-1880 Tournament 

                     includes a social and dinner. Benefits Catholic Charities  Please consider…


Flowers on the altar in memory of Joe Testa.

Offered by Marjorie Testa and family.


RCIA class to begin this fall. Anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic religion is welcomed to sign up. Please contact Frankie Fortier at 227-9554 for more information.

*** If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing the ANNEX, please contact Charlie Walker at 226-8544. The ANNEX needs to be removed by October 1, 2003. ***