Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901   (662) 226-2490

Rev.JohnO.Brock, Pastor



Sacrament of Reconciliation - Saturday 5:30 - 5:45 p.m. and by appointment.




September 14, 2003                          Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Masses for the week of September 15-20                                                                Mass Intentions

Saturday   6:00 pm   St. Peter’s (Grenada)  Catholic Community           

Sunday     9:00 am    St. Peter’s (Grenada)   Catholic Community

Sunday  11:15 am    St. John’s (Charleston)  Catholic Community


Monday            8:00 am   St. Peter’s   + Leila Brock

Tuesday            8:00 am   St. Peter’s   +Joe Testa

Wednesday       8:00 am  St. Peter’s   +Doris Michele

Thursday          8:00 am   St. Peter’s     Dottie Laycock

 Friday              8:00 am   St. Peter’s   +Lowrey  Dyre


Bulletin -The deadline for announcements for the Bulletin will be on Thursday at noon.

 Please contact Michael Liberto at 226-7936 or email

Liturgical Appointments:                      Sat. 9/20  6 p.m.                                    Sun. 9/21  9 a.m.

Lector                                                  Stephanie Hollis                                  Knights of Columbus        Extraordinary Ministers                      Ed & Rose Merriman                              Knights of Columbus                     Altar Servers                                                     Needed                                                Knights of Columbus                   Cross Bearer                                                        Needed                                                Knights of Columbus                       Gift Bearers                                                      Needed                                                Knights of Columbus                Greeters                                                      Knights of Columbus                             Knights of Columbus


Financial Stewardship - Contributions for the last weekend:


Reg. Offerings            $2,726.00

Spcl Offering                   985.00

Cab Rental                        85.00

Building Fund              1,185.00

Total Collection         $4,981.00


Please put the amount contributed on the front of your  envelope. This will make record keeping simpler and insure you get credit for contributions.Thanks for your cooperation.


Total pledged over next 3 years still uncollected $105,910.00   Total building fund collected so far this year $28,085.00


Seminarians - This week in your prayers, please remember Benjamin Morales, a seminarian studying for our diocese.  He is a student at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA.

The Knights of Columbus will be selling BBQ plates soon. Please support this effort.


Times for Knights of Columbus meetings are now the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.

Any young person between the ages of 5 and 18 interested in joining the Youth Choir needs to sign up on the sheet provided at the back of the church. Call Dion Sones at 226-0592 for info. 


Coffee & Donuts HostHost family for Coffee and Donuts is  the Jerry Guilambo family. Thanks.  More hosts needed.  Please sign up.


Church Cleaners for SeptemberDorothy Marascalco, Mary Cooper, and  MarjorieTesta.


Secret Sisters will meet September 17th at 7 pm in the parish hall for a gift   exchange. All ladies are invited to come and join. For more information call Joan Stewart at 226-1786.  Sisters are asked to bring their favorite dessert to the meeting.


Prayer - Mary and Henry Theis, Mary V. Marascalco, Bess Boone, Meg Young, Mike and Steve Sokas, June Perrin, Dorothy Criddle, and Kathy Marrale.


Bishop Latino would like to thank the parishioners of St Peter’s for their prayers and contributions that made our 2003 Catholic Service Appeal the 2nd most successful Appeal of the 11 CSA’s conducted in our diocese.


Happy Birthday …

   Destinee Dorris, 9/15; Donald Tartt, 9/15; James Fortier, Jr., 9/17; Dottie Laycock,      9/18; Kate Logan, 9/19; Frank Marascalco, 9/20.


RCIA class to begin this fall…  Anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic religion is welcomed to sign up. Please contact Frankie Fortier at 227-9554 for more information.

Bishop’s golf tournament this Thursday at Colonial Country Club in Jackson.

CCD classes in progress. Classes meet each Sunday after Mass.