Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901

(662) 226-2490

Rev. John O. Brock, Pastor


May 11, 2003                           Fourth Sunday of Easter


Masses for the week of May 11 - May 17                                                  Mass Intentions

Saturday                6:00 pm                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                               Catholic Community

Sunday                  9:00 am                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                               Catholic Community

Sunday                  11:15 am                St. John’s (Charleston)                          Catholic Community

Monday                 8:00 am                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                 Our Armed Forces

Tuesday                8:00 am                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                 +Joseph A. Testa & Sarah Palazzolo

Wednesday          8:00 am                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                 +Sam P. Marascalco

Thursday              8:00 am                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                 +Antonio Sanfilippo

Friday                    8:00 am                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                 +Sam P. Marascalco

Saturday               6:00 pm                   St. Peter’s (Grenada)                 Catholic Community


Sacrament of Reconciliation - Saturday 5:30 - 5:45 pm and by appointment.


Bulletin -The deadline for announcements for the Bulletin will be on Thursday at noon.  Please contact Cecilia Livingston at 226-7753 or for additions or corrections.  Thank you.


Liturgical Appointments:                Sat 5/17 - 6 pm                                                     Sun 5/18 - 9 am

Lector                                                     Verble Alexander                                              Knights of Columbus

Extraordinary Ministers                     Ed & Rosemary Merriman                               Knights of Columbus

Altar Servers                                        Needed                                                                  Knights of Columbus

Cross Bearer                                        Needed                                                                  Knights of Columbus

Gift Bearers                                          Needed                                                                  Knights of Columbus

Greeters                                                Knights of Columbus                                         Knights of Columbus


Financial Stewardship - Contributions for the last weekend: $2,028.50 regular collection; $10.00 second collection: $20.00 Easter Flowers and $440.00 Building Fund for a total collection of $2,498.00.  Thanks for your generous support.



Vacation Bible School - Vacation Bible School will be the week of June 16th-20th.   If you have any questions please call Marty Duncan 229-0076.


Coffee & Donuts Hosts -Host for Coffee and Donuts are Sam and Dorothy Marascalco.  Thanks.


Parish Council Meeting - The Parish Council will meet on Monday, May 12 at 6:30 pm in the Parish Hall.


Knights of Columbus - The Knights of Columbus will meet Sunday, May 11, after Coffee & Donuts.


Prayer - Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Charles Stewart, who passed away last week.  Charles was the father of Rusty Stewart and Joan Stewart’s father-in-law.  Remember Joan and Rusty in your prayers also.


Prayer - Remember the sick and shut-ins of our parish family and friends:  Lavonne Perrin, Dean Logan, Barbara Russo, Katie Parnell, Mike Sokas, Mary & Henry Theis, Mel Fonte, Joe Fonte, Ken Kerwin, Harry Zitzelberger, Bill Monahan, Charles Anthony Marascalco, Connie Peacock, Shirley Bailey, Dick Bailey,  Rudy Jones, &  Eddie Merriman.


Prayer -Please say a special prayer for the men and women of our parish family that are in military service: Patrick Parnell, Navy, Joan Westin’s Son-in-Law; Patrick Honeycutt, Nephew of Mariam & Buddy Honeycutt and Sam & Dorothy Marascalco; Joseph Geiger, Son of Keith & Anne Geiger; Chris & Eliana Cummins, Army Reserves; Andrew Cummins, Air Force, Son of Patrice Cummins; Eric & Kori Delwiche, Air Force, Brother & Sister-in-law of Becky Woods; J. D. Perrin, Marines, & Timothy Roepke, Army, both great nephews of the Perrins; Jason Smith, Army National Guard, Son of Bob Smith; Cassidy Williamson, 82nd Airbourne, cousin of Norma Huddleston; and Michael Asbury, Army National Guard, close friend of the Honeycutts; Aubrey Bugg, Army, Friend; Josh Martar, Army, Friend.


Seminarians - This week in your prayers, please remember Matthew Simmons, a seminarian studying for our diocese.  He is a student at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA.



Happy Birthday

Samuel Stewart, 5/13; & Cassie Bennett, 5/16.

Church Cleaners for May  Cleaners for the Month of May is Joan Westin.  Please help out with this vital function of our parish, if you can possibly spare a couple hours each week.  Thank you.


Help Needed- Help is needed with a vital function of our Parish.  Due to travel and out of town company, I am unable to do the bulletin during the months of June, July and August.  If you can or are willing to help out with the function, please contact Dottie Laycock at 226-6661 or Father Brock. 


Missing Purificators - We are missing a large number of our purificatiors.  With daily masses and the weekend masses, we use about 16 per week, and that is without any special masses.  If you have taken any purificatiors home to laundry them, please return them.  There is a large number out there missing, we barely have enough to get thru the week.  Thanks for you attention to this matter.