Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

    320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901   (662) 226-2490






June 22, 2003                          The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ


Masses for the week of June 22 – June  28                      Mass Intentions


Saturday               6:00 pm St. Peter’s (Grenada)               Catholic Community

Sunday                  9:00 am St. Peter’s (Grenada)               Catholic Community                

Sunday             11:15 am    St. John’s (Charleston)           Catholic Community

Monday              8:00 am            St. Peter’s                           + Sam P. Marascalco

Tuesday             8:00 am            St. Peter’s                           + Lowrey W. Dyre

Wednesday        8:00 am            St. Peter’s                           + Sam P. Marascalco

Thursday            8:00 am            St. Peter’s                           +  Lowrey W. Dyre

Friday                 8:00 am            St. Peter’s                           +  Sam P. Marascalco





Sacrament of Reconciliation - Saturday 5:30 - 5:45 p.m. and by appointment.


Bulletin -The deadline for announcements for the Bulletin will be on Thursday at noon. Please contact     Michael Liberto at 226-7936 or email


Liturgical Appointments:         Sat. 6/28  6 p.m.                                               Sun. 6/29  9 a.m.

Lector                                      Jim Laycock                                        Becky Woods

Extraordinary Ministers            Dottie Laycock & Joan Westin              Mary Daly & Dan Buzzarde

Altar Servers                            Needed                                                Ellen & Jordan Thomas

Cross Bearer                            Needed                                                Needed           

Gift Bearers                             Needed                                                Needed   

Greeters                                   Knights of Columbus                            Knights of Columbus



Financial Stewardship - Contributions for the last weekend: $1,428.00 regular collection and $90.00 Building Fund for a total collection of $1,518.00. Thanks for your generous support.


Welcome back Father Brock!

Thanks to  Marty Duncan  and all the VBS helpers for a successful

Vacation Bible School week. Check the church website for pictures.



The Parish Council will have an important work session concerning the building project on Monday, June 23 at  6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall.  All members are urged to attend.




Coffee & Donuts Host -Host for Coffee and Donuts is James and Frankie Fortier.

 Thanks. More hosts needed. Please sign up.


Prayer - John M. Portera, Ron Bush, Jennie Pritchard, Adelphia Marascalco, Walter Fariss, Lavonne Perrin, Dean Logan, Barbara Russo, Mary and Henry Theis, Mel Fonte, Joe Fonte, Ken Kerwin, Harry Zitzelberger, Charles Anthony Marascalco, Connie Peacock, Shirley Bailey, Dick Bailey, Rudy Jones, Eddie Merriman, Steve and Mike Sokas, Elizabeth Daly, and Mary V. Marascalco.





Flowers on the altar in memory of Joey Daigre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Perrin

 and sister to Mr. & Mrs. Bo Oakes & family and Mr. & Mrs. Ben Logan & family.

Seminarians - This week in your prayers, please remember Thomas Whitehead, a seminarian studying for our diocese.  He is a student at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA.


Church Cleaners for June - Cleaners for the Month of June are Teresa Liberto, Patrice Cummins, & Eliana Cummins.  Thank you. Please help out with this vital function of our parish, if you can possibly spare a couple hours each week.  Thank you.



Logon to the Church website,, for updated information and valuable links. To receive the bulletin and other announcements via email, send an email to and request to be put on the list.



Happy Birthday…

Norma Huddleston, 6/23; Charlie Marascalco, 6/24; Michael Marascalco, 6/25; Carolyn Parson, 6/25; Meg Logan, 6/26; Prentice Clement, 6/27; Mary Clement, 6/27; Diana Marascalco, 6/28; Natalie Honeycutt, 6/28.



The family of Doris Rose Michele wants to express their deep and sincere heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the funeral.  Especially thanks to Father Thomas Delaney for coming from Greenwood and assisting in praying the Rosary at Garner Harper Chapel.  Most sincere thanks to Father Sam Messina, pastor at St. Mary's in Batesville for assisting in the Rosary and for his celebrating the funeral mass and burial. 
Our thanks also to the bereavement committee for the delicious food and to everyone who participated in making the funeral service a beautiful ceremony.  Grace and James Cook, and Johnny Michele wish also to thank everyone who brought food to the Cook home for the family and friends of Doris.