Sunday November 2, 2008   Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

                                                        320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901
                                                                           (662) 226-2490
                                                                Father Martin Ruane, Pastor



Surprised!! Thank you for your appreciation of my ministry in the local paper. It is my great desire to continue to serve you as faithfully as possible.


                                                         DATES TO REMEMBER

     Sunday 11/2/08: Memorial Service and cover dish (potluck) Supper in Memory of our dear departed ones.

     November 27th Thanksgiving: Special Mass 9:00am Thanksgiving Day.

     December 10th Parish Penance (confession) Service 6:00pm.

     December 14th Parish Christmas Supper, highlighted hopefully by the appearance of our

    Catholic Santa Clause with his sack of candy for the children.


CHOOSE LIFEThe best way to respond to those who face pregnancy in difficult circumstances is to demonstrate our love and support for the mothers and children who are at the center of such challenges. The pro-life movement has done this for decades by participating in and supporting thousands of pregnancy care centers that help woman and children to meet these challenges.” (Senator John McCain, remarks to 2008 National Rights to Life Convention) 


BORN AGAIN We congratulate Buddy and Miriam Honeycutt who’s infant grandchild, Micha Brayden Deen, will be reborn in the waters of Baptism this Sunday November 2nd, 2:00pm at St. Peter Church. May God Bless the entire familly.

ALSOwe congratulate Stephen and Katherine Garrick Smith who’s infant child will reborn in the waters of baptism next Sunday 11/9/2008 at 2:00pm.


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS This Sunday, 11/2/08 at 6:00pm, our Church Family will have a Memorial Service of Rosary and Benediction in honor of our dear departed ones. Following the Rosary and Benediction in the Church we will have a cover dish (potluck) in the Family Life Center. Please make note!


R.C.I.A. You are invited to join us this Tuesday evening after the 6:00pm Mass to continue our discussion of our Catholic Faith. Discussion this week: The Gift Of Happiness.


THE RENEW “WHY CATHOLIC?” PROGRAM We strongly encourage all our participants to be faithful by meeting with their group and to try to be somewhat familiar with the material prior to the meeting. As you know by now it is very important for each group to have a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church at their meeting. 


THE SEVENTH HISPANIC ENCUENTRO There will be a gathering of the Hispanic community (and those who speak Spanish) from around the diocese on Saturday, November 8th, 8:30-5:30 at the Leflore County Civic Center, Greenwood MS. Our theme is “Together on a Journey of Hope.” We ask the non-Hispanic community to share this day with us through your prayers and fasting that God may bless the Hispanic community, as well as, our entire Catholic diocese that we all may be one.
For further information contact Br. Ted at 601-949-6931.  


                                                                 Words of Wisdom             

1.Common sense is not as common as all that. Voltaire (1694-1798)        4. Christ has no body on earth but yours, no hands but

2. Silence is a woman’s finest ornament. Aristotle (384-1963)                      yours, no feet but yours. St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)

3. No one listens until you make a mistake. Unknown                                                          


                                                                           WEEKLY MASS CALENDAR


Mass Dates                                     Mass Times                                Mass Intentions


Saturday, Nov 1                                           6:00pm – St. Peter                               Beulah Maranto - RIP

Sunday, Nov 2                                          9:00am St. Peter                                                People of St. Peter Parish

Sunday, Nov 2                                        11:15am – St. John                                    People of St. John Parish

Monday, Nov 3                                         8:00am St. Peter                                                All Souls

Tuesday, Nov 4                                          6:00pm – St. Peter                                  All Souls

Wednesday, Nov 5                                       8:00am – St Peter                                    Special Intentions - MR

Thursday, Nov 6                                       6:00pm St. Peter                                   John Maranto - RIP

Friday, Nov 7                                              8:00am – St. Peter                                   Marie Marascalco - RIP




Randy Aldridge, Carol Artman, Jerome Beard, John Bell, Mike Bowles, James Bruno, Angela Brunson,

George Burleson, Delsie Burton, Audrey Carter, Carolyn Cerniglia, Nancy Cerniglia, John Collier, Kelly Collier, Thomas Collier, James E. Cook, Jeanette Cook, Helen Corbett, Cynthia Correro, Sarah Criss, Mary Enriquez, Maria Evangelista, Walter Fariss, Allie Fava, Brenda Ferguson, Bill Finch, Shirley Fowler, Valinten Gagaboan,

Mary Gessler, Robert Gilreath, Chip Graham, Linda Gravlee, Bonita Henson, Rick Holmes, James Huddleston,

Leonard Janiszewski, Rodney Lippincott, Bobby Love, Adelfia Marascalco, Charlie Marascalco,

Dona Marascalco, Joseph Marascalco, Laurie Marascalco, Louise Marascalco, Jody McAnnally,

Betty McCormick, Amanda McGee, Johnny Michelle, Mitch Mitchell, Marietta Morrison, Lois Newton,

Roger Patterson, Sarah Powell, Jamie Pritchard, Eydie Ricks, Ralph Roe, Sister Anthony Ruane, Ben Sanders, David Shiver III, David Sintes, Suzette Stuebben, Larry Stokes, Dan Thompson Jr., Anne Upchurch, Carl Walker, Jan Walker, Lisa Ward, Marguarite Womble, Betty Yonak.


Collections, Oct. 26th               Next Special Collection:                BIRTHDAYS…………..     

General Fund         $1,414.00                      November 23rd for                             Nov 1 – Brandon Clack   

Building Fund        $  346.50                    Human Development                           Nov 2 – Krista Beck         

Extension Society  $     20.00                   Today’s Collection:                         Nov 4 – Wade Taylor II       

                                                                     Diocesan Missions                               Nov 6 – John Marascalco


Eucharistic Ministers/Sat Nov 1st Karla Houston, Joan Westin, Gerry Morris-----------------Lector – Dan Buzzarde

Eucharistic Ministers/Sun Nov 2ndKathleen Cooper, Martha Saia, John Saia--------------Lector – Vicki McKnight


LITURGICAL APPOINTMENTS - Please contact the church office to participate in the Liturgy.


SICK/HOMEBOUND/HOSPITALIZED - If you have anyone who is ill or homebound, or hospitalized please contact the rectory so they can be added to our prayer list and Father Ruane can visit with them and pray for them.


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - If you would like to contribute to the Chris Harris Scholarship Fund, please send memorials to Knights of Columbus, PO Box 1822, Grenada, MS 38901.


PLEASE check thermostats, lights, doors, and clean up when leaving our buildings. We have received some high utility bills for the Family Life Center, please turn things off, check thermostats and lights, etc.


BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS - The deadline for announcements will be on Thursday at noon. Please contact the rectory at 226-2490, or send an email to