Sunday April 20, 2008     Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

                                                         320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901
                                                                         (662) 226-2490
                                                              Father Martin Ruane, Pastor



DATES TO REMEMBER     May 4th             Last CCD (Bible school) class

                                                             May 4th         Senior breakfast

                                                             May 11th       First Communion & Reception

                                                             June 22nd      Summer Bible school


GRADUATING SENIORS – We congratulate and pray God’s blessings on our graduating seniors;

Mary Brunson, Samantha Cook, Rebecca Fuller, Martha Garrick, Jeran Guilambo, Beth Logan, Madison Ray, Ellen Thomas, Malory Hipp.  We are asking our graduating seniors to attend the 9:00 Mass on May 4th as a group.


IT WOULD BE NICE – If our young people graduating from high school would wear their cap and gown at our Graduation Mass May 4th.


 FIRST HOLY COMMUNION – We congratulate and ask God to Bless our little ones who will be making their First Holy Communion on Mothers Day, they are: Cameron Logan, William Logan, Sydney Matrisciano, Caroline Mumme, Samuel Stewart, Chaz Trost, Carl Turallo, Noah Merriman, Jayden Corbin, Samantha Cook, Kaitlyn Cook, Albert Salinas, December Logan, Robert Logan IV.


WE CONGRATULATE – We congratulate Alexandria Kerwin who will graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi with an MS in Psychology on May 9th 2008.


EASTER SEASON – Remember we celebrate the Easter season for fifty (50) days up to Pentecost, won’t you make every effort to enjoy the Easter Season by the sharing in the daily Eucharist when possible.


CHOOSE LIFE“We are knee deep in a culture of death…. Our moment in history is marked by a mortal conflict between a culture of life and a culture of death. God put us in the world to do noble things, to love and cherish our fellow human beings, not to destroy them.” The late Rep. Henry Hyde, eloquent defender of the unborn. 


USHERS-LECTORS-EUCHARIST MINISTERS We thank our parishioners who serve faithfully as ushers, lectors and Eucharist Ministers at Mass. We are always in need of additional ushers, lectors and Eucharist Ministers if anyone is interested please call the rectory or let Father Ruane know.



Eucharistic Ministers/Sat. April 26thRosemary Merriman, Joan Westin, Karla Houston-------------Lector – Irene Stark

Eucharistic Ministers/Sun. April 27th – Barbara Liberto, Mrya Liberto, Lynn Bennett---------------Lector – Mike Liberto        --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


SICK/HOMEBOUND/HOSPITALIZED - If you have anyone who is ill or homebound, or hospitalized please contact the rectory so they can be added to our prayer list and Father Ruane can visit with them and pray for them.


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - If you would like to contribute to the Chris Harris Scholarship Fund, please send memorials to Knights of Columbus, PO Box 1822, Grenada, MS 38901.

                                            WEEKLY MASS CALENDAR


Mass Dates                           Mass Times                          Mass Intentions


Saturday, April 19                                          6:00 pm – St. Peter                                  Martin Ruane Sr. - RIP

Sunday, April 20                                     9:00 am - St. Peter                                               People of St Peter Parish

Sunday, April 20                                   11:15am – St. John                                   People of St. John Parish

Monday, April 21                                    8:00 am - St. Peter                                               Joseph & Mary Marascalco - RIP

Tuesday, April 22                                        6:00pm – St. Peter                                 John Widyk - RIP     

Wednesday, April 23                          8:00am – St Peter                                  Special Intentions - MR      

Thursday, April 24                                  6:00pm - St. Peter                                  Edward Duraj - RIP      

Friday, April 25                                          8:00am – St. Peter                                 Tony Sanfilippo - RIP       


                                                 PRAYER LIST


Randy Aldridge, Carol Artman, Jerome Beard, John Bell, Mike Bowles, James Bruno, George Burleson,

Delsie Burton, Audrey Carter, Carolyn Cerniglia, Nancy Cerniglia, John Collier, Kelly Collier, Thomas Collier, James E. Cook, Jim Cook, Jeanette Cook, Helen Corbett, Sarah Criss, Betsy Elliott, Mary Enriquez,

Maria Evangelista, Walter Fariss, Bill Finch, Gloria Funderburg, Valinten Gagaboan, Mary Gessler,

Cled Gregory, Bonita Henson, Leonard Janiszewski, Ann Kraus, Lisa Kraus, Rodney Lippincott,

Adelfia Marascalco, Charlie Marascalco, Dona Marascalco, Joseph Marascalco, Laurie Marascalco,

Louise Marascalco, Jody McAnnally, Betty McCormick, Amanda McGee, Johnny Michelle, Mitch Mitchell, Bobby Monahan, Lois Newton, Sarah Powell, Jamie Pritchard, Eydie Ricks, Ralph Roe, Sister Anthony Ruane, David Shiver III, Irene Stark, Suzette Stuebben, Larry Stokes, Henry Theis, Dan Thompson Jr., Anne Upchurch, Carl Walker, Jan Walker, Doral Wesley, Marguarite Womble, Betty Yonak.


COLLECTIONS       April 13th                                         

Offertory                                   $1,860.00                                                             

Building Fund                        $ 2,702.50                                                             

Ed. of future Priest                 $      70.00



 April 20 – Krispina Purvis                                                                        

April 22 – David Livingston            

April 22 – Gary Houston

April 22 – Darryl Necaise

April 27 – Irene Tucker




LITURGICAL APPOINTMENTS - Please contact the church office to participate in the Liturgy.


BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENTS - The deadline for announcements will be on Thursday at noon. Please contact the rectory at 226-2490, or send an email to


PLEASE REMEMBER… check thermostats, lights, doors, and clean up when leaving our buildings.  We have received some high utility bills for the Family Life Center, please turn things off,                           

check thermostats, check lights, etc.