World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic Church

320 College Blvd., Grenada, MS 38901   (662) 226-2490

Rev. John O. Brock, Pastor


April 17, 2005   4th Sunday of Easter


                   Mass Times                           Mass Intentions                                            Saturday   6:00 pm   St. Peter’s (Grenada)     Catholic Community           

Sunday     9:00 am   St. Peter’s (Grenada)        Catholic Community

Sunday  11:15 am    St. John’s (Charleston)  Catholic Community    

            Daily Masses                          

Monday            8 am    St. Peter’s        

Tuesday           8am    St. Peter’s        

Wednesday     8 am    St. Peter’s        

Thursday         8 am    St. Peter’s        

Friday                8am     St. Peter’s                                  

             Mass Intentions




+Joe L and Mary Marascalco


 Sat.  4/23      6 p.m.






Knights of Columbus

Liturgical Appointments:


<Extraordinary Ministers>

<Altar Servers>

<Cross Bearer>

<Gift Bearers>


 Sun.  4/24   9 a.m.    

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus


Coffee & Donuts HostThe Raymond and Myra Liberto family this week. Next week’s host is the Guilambo family. More hosts needed.



   Church cleaners for April … Lynne Marascalco and Verble Alexender. THANKS! 




Happy Birthday


Dona Marascalco, 4/18; Eddie Cooper, 4/18; Keith Geiger, 4/18; David Livingston, 4/22.

Adult Sunday School meets each Sunday in the church after Mass.



donated by parishioners.

"A Woman after God's Own Heart"


A new Bible Study continues

Today @ 1:30 PM in the Ed Bldg.

For more info …

Contact Jeanne Logan … 226-0406

Knights of Columbus/Chris Harris Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund, in memory of Chris Harris, is for graduating Catholic high school seniors who are active members of  St Peter’s Parish. Anyone wishing to contribute to this ongoing  fund at any time  should address & send their check to the:

Knights of Columbus

P.O. Box 1822  Grenada MS 38902

Thank you!

Relay for Life

American Cancer Society

Relay Event … April 22 @ 6pm at

Grenada High School


Congratulations to Jessica and Ciera Rice who were Baptized last Saturday at St Peter’s.


Knights will meet after coffee and donuts next Sunday. All Knights are urged to attend.

     Building Fund Collection to date …

Goal $300,000


Sacrament of Reconciliation … Saturdays 5:30 – 5:45 pm         


CCD meets Sundays … 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.


Prayer – Please remember our sick and shut-ins … Mary and Henry Theis, Mary V. Marascalco, Elizabeth Daly, Elmarie Williams,  Lucille Frenyea, Ron Bush, Gerry Smith, Ed & Eddie Merriman, Pat Gilbreath, Alexa Cooke, Dick Sullivan, Kathy Marrale, Charlie Marascalco, Valinten Gagaboan, Fred Grossman, Ken Stark, Eva Bell Meirs, James Bruno, Mable Zitzelberger, Joyce Janiszewski, Pearl Gurley, Katie Boone, Van Rodgers, Bobby Monahan, Scott Olsen,  Jody McAnnally, Mary Martha Morgan, Shirley Fowler, Julienne Thompsen,  Bill Denny, Patricia Bell, Catherine Testa Liberto, John Wilkenson, Lita G. Gacita, Billy Ross James, Robbie Marascalco, Jamie Cummins Young,  Carl Walker, Joyce Young, Mary Geesler, Caroline McGee, Linda Smith Primo, Morris Biggers and Fr. Brock.




Collection cross is in the vestibule.

Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus

Offerings                       $2,166.00

Seminary                             10.00

Rice Bowl                            43.68

Hall or Cab Rental              50.00

Building Fund                   950.00

 Other                                   50.00

Total Collections          $3,269.68

 (Last Week’s Collection)


 Please remember our soldiers in your prayers.


Thank you for your continued support of the building fund.


Seminarians - This week in your prayers, please remember Benjamin Morales, seminarian studying for our diocese.  He is a student at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA.  Pray for more vocations

Bulletin deadline for announcements for the bulletin will be on Thursday at noon. Please contact Michael Liberto  (226-7936) or email  Please check your ‘bulletin email’ before attending Mass for any parish updates. If you are not receiving bulletin announcements, you can subscribe by sending an email to